I think by now we all know that being organised and having a great routine can improve our lives greatly.

But what many people don’t talk about is the mental and emotional struggles that we go through to get to that “Pinterest Perfect Life”

Many women (and men, of course) struggle with their inner voices and mental health regularly. While it’s great to have tips on how to clean your home.. For many of us it’s not enough.

That is where I come in.

Hi – I’m Jess!

I run Mindful Galaxy from my tropical island home, Christmas Island.
See that little marker to the top left of Australia? That’s me!

Christmas Island Australia

For many many years I have struggled with anxiety and depression. No matter how hard I wanted to live an organised life – I just couldn’t make it happen.

My days and weeks slipped away, until one day I woke up at 30 as the mother of a toddler and thought to myself “Why do we spend so much time trying to fight and hide our struggles?”
It’s time we lifted the roof off our lives and realise we need to work with our struggles – not against

My aim of Mindful Galaxy is to help you live your best, most functional life. Not by ignoring your struggles – but by helping you accept and get through them.

Letting you know that it is okay to want to ignore your housework, and why sometimes it’s so so important to ignore that laundry pile without feeling any guilt.

I won’t pretend I’m perfect, or that I have it all figured out.
And I definitely won’t pretend that there is a quick and easy fix – there isn’t.

But together we will work out this messy world.

I’m going to help you simplify everything.

So now that you know a bit about me you’re probably wondering where to start!

Are you struggling with your morning routine? Do you need help in setting achievable goals?

There is no right or wrong place to start, just start wherever you are at in this very moment.

Here are some key blog posts to get you going.

Home Life- Cleaning, Organisation and Planning

Ahh yes, the reason you’re here.
You want to plan and organise your life.

Both of these are the end game, to have a well oiled machine of a house.
But how do you get there?

I’ll tell you – one step at a time!

Find out what the worlds easiest DIY carpet cleaner is, 10 quick things you can declutter, and what the difference between a planner and a bullet journal is, so you can find the best organisation system for your needs.


Being a parent is hard.
Whether you work an office job, from home or work to keep your household functional.
Parenting is both relentless and rewarding.

You know you want the absolute best for your family, but sometimes don’t know how to give it to them.

Find tips on meal planning, creating routines, dealing with toddler tantrums and discover the benefits of teaching your children to help with cleaning.

Mental health

Some days you wake up and just want to cry.
You were up all night folding laundry and the second you went to bed, your two year old was up wanting her 47th glass of water.

Morning arrives and now you have to manage the school run while getting yourself ready for work, only to go to work, come home and do dinner.

It all gets too much sometimes, and I’m here to not only tell you that this is okay – but to help you find ways to prioritise yourself.

You are a mother, yes. But you are a woman first.
Your kids don’t need to come second, but you definitely don’t need to come last anymore.

Find advice on self-care, coping with anxiety and natural ways to sleep and reduce stress.

The all important lists

I love list posts.
I love reading them and discovering new ideas.
I love writing them and helping you discover new ideas!

A list post is basically a post with a list of products and resources that come highly recommended to you.
They help you nail down that perfect gift or find your child’s next lunch box.

Some of my most popular list posts include Gift ideas for Planner Lovers and Self-Care Kit Ideas.

Other bits and bobs

On occasion I will also write about my experience as a blogger or what it is like living on a remote island.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date!