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    Declutter challenge

    Welcome to our Declutter Challenge! I am so excited to have you here with me. What is the Declutter challenge? This declutter challenge is designed so that you can declutter your home and get your life back, without having to set aside days at a time to get it done. During the next four weeks, I will guide you through simple steps that will help you let go of all those material objects you’ve been holding on to. This challenge is a live challenge, starting August 2019, however, you can access it any time and still get all the benefits of a lighter lifestyle. Make sure you get access to…

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    Toddler Travel Kit

    travelling with a toddler

    In a few days, Luna and I will be flying off to see family. Exciting! But also terrifying, since we will be travelling without Jack.So I decided to put together a toddler travel kit, in hopes it keeps her occupied enough to save my sanity! What is a toddler travel kit? A toddler travel kit is pretty much what it says! It’s a travel kit, put together to keep kids entertained on their journey. How do you make a toddler travel kit? Creating your own toddler travel kit can be incredibly easy! You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money to make one. Here are some…

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    Alopecia Hair Scrub with Essential Oils

    alopecia hair scrub with essential oils

    Let’s talk alopecia hair care (or lack-there-of!) With this Alopecia Hair Scrub with Essential Oils! So yesterday, I told you all about how I came out to my entire community about my alopecia. (You can read that post here) It was both a terrifying and freeing experience. One that I would recommend to anybody who has struggled in their life – Hair related or otherwise! Today I am going to talk to you about a little scrub that I made this morning. Essential Oils and Hair Loss I have never used essential oils for my alopecia before, I always intended to but it never happened.Now I want to try that…

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    How I told the world about my alopecia

    Wow, just wow. It has been a huge week for me mentally and emotionally!And now I am here to tell you the story about how I told people about my alopecia! What is alopecia? For those of you who are unsure of what alopecia is, it is an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. This hair loss can be in the form of patches (Alopecia Areata), Total baldness (Alopecia Totalis) or Hair loss over the entire body (Alopecia Universalis). I have Alopecia Totalis (AT). This condition can affect anyone of any age, race or gender. My story of alopecia When I was 17 I got diagnosed with alopecia. Within 48…

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    My first 6 months as a blogger

    Today marks my 6-month blogger-versary, and I am here to tell you about all of the wonderful and stressful things my blogging adventure has brought me so far in my first 6 months as a blogger. When I started Mindful Galaxy in April (2019), I had a rough idea of the direction I wanted to go. My blog was going to be an overnight success – Wooohooo, show me the money! *Lonely crickets watch a tumbleweed drift by* That is when I realised, this blogging thing was going to take a lot more effort than I originally thought! What I have learned in my first 6 months as a blogger…

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    Blogging Essentials for Beginners

    Today we are going to talk about blogging essentials – everything you need to get your blog going with minimal stress! Why are blogging essentials important? If you are looking to start a blog, it can be so overwhelming at first. I started my blog to unload some of my mental strain, and ironically, it caused a lot of stress to begin with. You can check out my first 6-month journey as a blogger here. (Which also includes some amazing resource links you absolutely must check out!) There is so much out there on what you should and shouldn’t be doing as a blogger.I’m not here to talk about that…

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    Blogtober Halfway Point

    We are at our Blogtober Halfway Point already! Can you believe it? Me neither! If you aren’t sure what Blogtober is, you can read about that here! For today, we are just going to do a quick check-in and see how my Blogtober is coming along. How am I handling Blogtober? Wow, just wow.I knew this was going to be a big task – but the size of it got really underestimated!It feels like this post is a bit of a “Cheat” post, but I will get to why I think that’s okay in a minute. The past 2 weeks have been intense. I have written more blog posts in…

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    Why you need to prioritise yourself

    self care prioritize your needs take care of yourself treat yourself

    When Luna was born, I was a pretty shitty mother. Not in the sense that her wellbeing was ever an issue – she was always happy, healthy and incredibly loved. The issue was within me. I spent so long questioning myself, stressing and focusing solely on her that my needs were put aside daily.This meant that no matter how well cared for she was, I was never truly giving myself to her as the parent she deserved.The mum guilt hit without any sign of slowing, and my world was getting harder and harder to bear. Mum guilt is hard. It is almost a child in itself, you are constantly having…