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    Valentines Day Ideas

    Valentines Day Gift Ideas Cheap Date Ideas

    Valentines Day is around the corner, and if you’re stressed about coming up with new Valentines Day ideas then you’ve come to the right place! To me, Valentine’s day is not just about love and showering your partner with gifts – it is also about reuniting with those you care about, including yourself. That is why I have compiled a list of 22 Valentines Day Ideas that you can do or create on next to no budget! Low/No Cost Date Ideas A lot of us enjoy going out to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant, but sometimes it just isn’t a viable option for various reasons. Here are some…

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    DIY Gift Tags

    diy christmas craft

    Christmas is nearly here, and that means it’s time to wrap all of those well thought out gifts! What better way to add a personal touch than to add DIY gift tags! The joy of DIY I love to DIY anything and everything, it is such a great way to re-use and recycle the bits and bobs around your house that you would usually throw out! This year, I had already exceeded my budget (oops) and realised that I had forgotten to buy gift tags.I know that they only cost a few dollars, but I refused to break the bank any more so went through my Portable Wrapping Station (these…

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    Alopecia Hair Scrub with Essential Oils

    alopecia hair scrub with essential oils

    Let’s talk alopecia hair care (or lack-there-of!) With this Alopecia Hair Scrub with Essential Oils! So yesterday, I told you all about how I came out to my entire community about my alopecia. (You can read that post here) It was both a terrifying and freeing experience. One that I would recommend to anybody who has struggled in their life – Hair related or otherwise! Today I am going to talk to you about a little scrub that I made this morning. Essential Oils and Hair Loss I have never used essential oils for my alopecia before, I always intended to but it never happened.Now I want to try that…

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    Carpet Cleaning Powder

    diy carpet cleaner essential oils

    Carpet Cleaning Powder is such an underrated cleaning product!Sprinkling powder on your carpet and then vacuuming it off… this reminds me so much of when I was younger and my grandma used to do it. I remember loving the smell and just wanting to roll around in it – but of course, I couldn’t. Now that I am a bit older I have learned that a lot of house hold cleaners have super simple home made alternatives, and this is no exception. How to make Essential Oil Carpet Cleaner What you will need BiCarb Soda Lavender Essential oil (if you don’t have it, you can get it here) A container,…

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    Toothache relief

    essential oil clove tooth ache relief

    Living on a remote island can be hard, especially when it comes to medical situations, that is why a DIY Toothache Remedy is super essential for my lifestyle. Our local hospital is great, the staff are amazing and supportive and we have all of the basic services we need to get us through the day.However, a lot of bigger issues, such as my impacted wisdom tooth, require a flight off the island to get it fixed.This is a very costly experience. The flight is paid for by the hospital but you have accommodation, travel, food and then the medical costs to cover. Over the last few months, my tooth has…

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    Spoil Mum with these simple (and impressive) DIY ideas!

    Mothers day is quickly closing in and you might be stressing.You love your mother (or aunt, grandma, anyone who is important in your world!), but you aren’t sure what to get her this year. You’re tired of getting mum the same slippers and chocolates and want to show how much you care. Nothing says you care more than making a gift, and I’m here to give you a few ideas! I try to make gifts wherever I can. I love putting in time, effort and thought to create a unique present for someone I care for. When I make gifts I try to make them time and money efficient, I’m…

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    DIY Bath Salts with Essential Oils

    essential oil natural luxury bath salt DIY

    DIY Bath Salts with Essential Oils are such a simple, affordable and natural way to relax after a long, crappy day. When you think relaxing the first thing that comes to most of our minds is a bath.Bath salts are an amazing addition to any bath, they provide a calming and rejuvenating experience. There are some amazing benefits that come with using bath salts Detox the body of nasties Relieve muscle tension Speed up the healing process when sick Relieve headaches Help improve circulation Get some you time! If you’re like me then sometimes you struggle to justify going out and buying such a luxurious self-care product. This is where…

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    DIY Body Wash with Essential Oils

    The DIY Body wash is a little more ingredient intensive than other DIY recipes you will find on my blog, but this is important to ensure your skin gets the best treatment possible! We are slowly becoming more aware of all of the hidden nasties in our everyday products, and body wash is no exception. If you’re like me and would like a more natural alternative, then you have come to the right place! With just a handful of ingredients, you can make your own body wash and shower with peace of mind! You will need 1 cup of Castile Soap 4 tablespoons of coconut oil You can substitute this…