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Is Google Home worth it?

Considering a Virtual Assistant for your home, but not sure if it's worth it?

We took the plunge last year - here is our honest pros and cons list of owning a Google Home.

"Hey Google, what are the best commands?"

Sick of asking Google for the time?

Every week we learn something new to ask Google Home. These are our familist favourite commands and actions for our Virtual Assistant.

declutter in under 10 minutes

There is always time for a clean up

Don't know where to start decluttering?

Here are easy areas of your home that you can declutter in under 10 minutes. You would be amazed at how much better you feel once that junk mail pile is gone!

decluttering dos and donts what not to do what to do when decluttering

Declutter the right way

Don't waste your time with a messy clean up

Sometimes decluttering isn't as straight forward as it seems. Make sure you do it the most efficient way possible with our Decluttering Do's and Dont's tips!

clean with your kids teach your toddler to clean with ease

Share the load while educating your little ones

I know it can be a nightmare having your toddler rip apart all of your freshly folded clothes.

But trust me, there are huge benefits to starting young with teaching them how to clean.

why clutter and mess bad for you

"I swear, if I trip on this doll one more time..."

A messy house can mean a lot more than feeling a bit guilty.

Find out why you should declutter and how a messy house is REALLY effecting your health and happiness.

morning routine

Start your day the relaxing way

Lunches. Showers. Finding that missing shoe.

Mornings are hectic at the best of times, but they can be easier. Create your own personalised routine with our simple 5-step guide.

evening routine

Enjoy your down time

Much like mornings, evenings can be a complete disaster.

Find out how to make your evenings work for you, so that you can enjoy a nice hot drink at the end of the day, without any guilt.

how to set achievable goals goal setting

"I will start the gym.. on Monday"

Does this sound like you? Don't lie... it sounds like all of us.

Setting goals and making plans is a brilliant thing to do, it helps us get to where we want to be in life. But sometimes we set ourselves up for failure, despite our best intentions. Disvover how to set achievable goals that you will succeed in.

101 goals in 1001 days what is it and how do you set 101 goals in 1001 days

101 Goals.. say what!?

This isn't as scary as it seems - promise.

I have set myself 101 goals to achieve in 1001 days (a little over 2 and a half years). From big goals to small tasks that have been niggling away at my mind, find out how to create your own 101 goals in 1001 days list!

how to save money money saving tips budget finance fix

Being debt-free has never been so important

We are in strange times, and if it has taught us anything it is that nothing is permanent.

We have 21 amazing Money Saving Tips for you to help you fix your finances and not have to worry about living pay-to-pay anymore.

Plus, find out how to get our Finance Planner for FREE!