Day 3: Bathroom & Laundry

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You did it! You conquered your first week of the declutter challenge! Now we are going to get stuck into the declutter challenge – week two!
Before you get started, let me know – how have you been feeling? Drop a comment or tag us on Instagram (@mindful.galaxy.insta) and share your journey!

It went awesome, I hope! I know our house has greatly improved in its mood and feel ever since we did some major decluttering.

Isn’t it so nice to go to bed knowing that your monster wardrobe has been tamed!?

Now that we have got the biggest challenge out of the way, day 3 will be a piece of cake!

Today we are tackling Bathrooms(/Toilets) and Laundry.
It may seem like a lot, but with the relatively small size of these rooms, it isn’t as bad as it seems.

Make sure that you have your checklists ready to go, music pumping and maybe some delicious essential oils going to help keep you motivated!
(If you don’t have your checklists yet, sign up here!)

All set? Awesome. Let’s go!

Start with the Bathroom

As I said, today is going to be pretty straight forward. Even if you have 2, or more, bathrooms, they are such small rooms that they can be done fairly fast.

Before we get into the cupboards, if you have any laundry or towels lying around then now is an excellent time to put them in the wash. If you don’t have enough for a full load, add any other laundry you may have lying around into it. The more, the better!

Now, rip everything out of the cupboards and vanity unit. Yep, everything!

We want to only keep things we use regularly – not things that we might use but haven’t touched in 4 years!
Also, make sure that you check expiry dates. Yep, even make-up. While some makeup is okay once it has expired, sometimes it can have a negative effect on your skin.
So if you don’t think it’ll keep well, and/or you don’t use it – then bin it!

Using your bathroom as a medicine cabinet

This is perfectly fine if you do this. But you will still need to look at expiry dates and make sure everything is safely out of reach of little hands.

If you didn’t sort your towels on linen day

Some people keep their clean towels in a bathroom cupboard – I used to, but our current rental doesn’t have a bathroom cupboard, just a vanity unit.
So we did our towels on linen day.
If your towels are in your bathroom then make sure you go through them now.

  • Throw out any towels with holes, tears or are generally in bad condition
  • Donate any towels you don’t use if you have too many.
    As a general rule, we keep 2 per person in our house + 2 spares. So for us, our total is 8. Each home is different though!

If you have small children, make sure you check their toys. I have found out the hard way that sometimes toys that hold water can grow mould in them. So for the health of your little ones, now is an excellent time to check through the toys and make sure they are still safe!

Once you have sorted through your towels, products and toys

Wipe down all surfaces, and put everything that you are keeping back into their spot.

Easy as pie!

On to the laundry!

Once we have down all of our bathrooms, let’s head on to the laundry.
This one may not be as simple as the bathroom, but it shouldn’t take too long!

If your linen closet is in your laundry, hopefully, you have already tackled it.
If not, go back to Day 1: Linen Closet and run through that checklist. This may add some time to your Laundry challenge, but that’s okay. What matters is that we will have it done soon!

You know what I’m going to say…

…Yep! Start emptying things.
However, unlike the bathroom, it may not be the best idea to empty everything in one go.

TIP: If you think there might be some leaking products in your laundry (it’s okay, it happens to the best of us!) then make sure you do this without your little ones around, and in a well-ventilated area!

Start with chemicals, laundry powder etc.
Here are things that you want to be checking for:

  • Does the container still seal properly? (If it’s leaking, chuck it!)
  • Do you use it regularly?
  • Is it something you can swap for a natural DIY version?; and
  • Does it give you a headache when you smell it? If it does – it is probably best to find an alternative!

Once you have cleared out all of your chemicals and laundry products, wipe down shelves and replace everything you are keeping.
Before you throw out any unused products, make sure that they are safe for your bin – if not, find out how to dispose of them.

Repeat the process for any additional cupboards in your laundry

Once you have done the main chemicals/products, repeat this process for any other cupboards you have in your laundry.
Remember – the aim of the game is to get rid of as many un-used, unwanted and un-required items as possible!

The best part about cleaning out the laundry and the bathrooms is that we tend to have much less emotional attachment to these products. Which means that it should be a much faster process.
However, even if it isn’t a faster process –that is perfectly fine!
This is your journey, you take as much or as little time as you need!

If your laundry is used as an entryway for your home

In some homes, our laundry is connected to the back door. Which means that muddy boots tend to come through (My home is like this, it drives me insane! haha)
If this is the case, then it might be worth investing in a shoe rack or creating a DIY solution. (Some crates would work fine)
This can help minimise any muddy footprints and the potential hazard of tripping on boots!

And you’re done!

Another day in the bag!

You should be so proud of yourself, you are doing such an amazing job!

Decluttering isn’t easy, but when you have finished it you are going to be so impressed with your efforts!

On Saturday we will be tackling our Living rooms – this room will be harder than today, but easier than bedrooms!

See you then! xx

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