Day 4: Living Rooms

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Today is day 4 of the declutter challenge!
How have you been going so far? Awesome, I hope!
Today we will be decluttering your living room, so get ready for another amazing and productive day!

If you’ve just come across this page and haven’t started the challenge yet, then head to our Declutter Challenge starting point here.
This will give you information on the challenge, show you where to get the free checklists and direct you to the first day!
You can also sign up directly here!

Today is all about decluttering your living room

Living rooms can be both a blessing and a curse.
They are the hub of the home. Everyone passes through, everyone uses it and, unfortunately, everyone tends to leave their stuff in it!

At our home, all of Lunas toys used to be in the living room. Now that she’s a bit older, we have relocated them to her room and feel a lot better for it!

So, how do we go about decluttering your living room?
This may be one of the hardest to do, in an emotional sense.
We like our pretty trinkets and giant DVD collections. Unfortunately, it’s time to cull some of those!

The importance of decluttering your living room

The living room is one of the places we go to relax, unwind and enjoy time with our families.
When space is overloaded with things on the wall, crowded bookshelves and untidy TV units, it causes a huge distraction and strain on our senses.
This makes it incredibly hard to unwind and enjoy the space.
In my post about how clutter can affect your health, you can see more reasons why this is an issue.

So let’s get started. Time to tackle the lounge room and remove the excess clutter!
Let’s start decluttering your living room!

Start with the TV unit

I find that starting with the TV unit is an excellent way to kick off a lounge room declutter.
This is because the TV is the focal point of most living rooms. Once you have that clean, organising the rest will become easier as you’ll have a mental focus point, even if you don’t realise it!
Whenever you feel the need to give up, look back at your gorgeous clean TV unit and remember why you’re doing this!

So empty shelves and compartments, and get to organising!
You don’t need to remove all of your electronics or the TV. (Unless you want to rearrange them)
Just the excess.

If you no longer watch DVDs and have embraced the digital delight that is streaming, then cull as many DVDs as you can.
I always like to keep a few of my absolute favourite films and shows in hard copy form, but my DVD cabinet now contains less than 20 DVDs.
Far less than the 300 I used to own! Do I miss those 280 DVDs? Not really.

Once you’ve decluttered the TV unit, give it a wipe down and replace what you’re keeping.

Awesome, we’re doing well!

Bookshelves and other display cases

The bookshelf in my lounge room is a logistical nightmare.

It is the first bit of furniture you come into contact with when you arrive home, so it tends to be a storage space for keys, wallets and phones.

Because it is bolted to the wall (toddler safety), moving it isn’t an easy option. So we got to thinking of an alternative!

We put a small cube shelf right next to the front door. So now, my bookshelf remains clear and the keys have an even more convenient home.
Everything is figureoutable!

Anywhoo, let’s get back to your shelf!
The aim of the game is to keep the things that make you happy, bring you peace and hold a purpose… Without overloading it!
If you find that you avoid dusting because you don’t want to move around 40 items, then you have way too much stuff on your shelves!

Books also follow a similar route to DVDs. The digital age allows us to not hoard so much stuff. If there are books you no longer read, have no use for and/or don’t even like… Donate them!

Keep going until you have culled as much as you can, without making it look bare and boring.
Do not be afraid of white space! It is the key to creating a calm, un-overwhelming environment!

If there are things that you absolutely must keep, but feel your bookshelf is too overloaded still, consider relocating them. Remember that gorgeous new bedroom you now have? (From Day 2) That should now have an almost completely blank set of surfaces. Feel free to relocate some pretty things into there. But again – do not overcrowd!


As I said earlier, toys were a huge source of pain in our home. Lunas toys took over! She had too many, and they were everywhere!
If toys are stored in your lounge, get to culling!
Once you’ve done that, relocate them if possible.
You can still keep key toys in there, for Luna, this is her baby doll furniture, some books & colouring stuff, and her rocking horse.
But overall, the fewer toys in your living room, the better!

If you are still feeling the guilt of toy culling, please don’t!
Refer to the list and guide on your Day 2: Bedrooms print out!

Photos and framed art

This is where it can start to get tricky!

Unlike old jumpers and movie ticket stubs, photos and art hold much greater memories for us, ones we are (rightfully) much more hesitant of removing.

Do what you can here. Sort through photos and art and decide on what is essential for the living room, and what can be either stored or relocated.

If you have photos on the walls, then feel free to leave them. To make up for the lack of clean, white space, maybe remove some bigger photos/prints from your wall and relocate them.
Hallways make an excellent location for your own little photo gallery!

All other nooks and crannies!

We are nearly there! Are you proud? I am!

Now we are going to simply run through the rest of the living room.
Any drawers, under the couch or tables that need clearing, do it now. Follow the previous guidelines and cull, cull, cull.
That pair of pants that have been sitting under the couch for 6 months – they gotta go! You clearly don’t love them enough to wash them (no judgement, we all do it!), so get rid of them!

Once you’re done, make sure that you wipe down all surfaces.

Woo! You survived decluttering your living room!

How awesome. Yet another room has been sorted.
We are halfway now! Just 4 more rooms to go and then we can relish in our glory!

Time to celebrate your new, gorgeous living room. Pick your favourite movie on Netflix and enjoy a peaceful night with your family.

Your choice! You deserve it <3

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