Day 6: Other Rooms

4 week declutter challenge spring cleaning

Today we will be looking at How to declutter an additional room.
This is the day we tackle all other rooms that may be in your house.
It will vary from house to house, but this room could be a Rumpus room, Toy Room, Workshop – basically anything that hasn’t already been covered (except the kitchen, we’re getting to that!)

If you have just come across this page, make sure you start here!

This will be the most “vague”, and the quickest, of all the guides so far, simply because there are so many different types of rooms you may have!

How to declutter an additional room

You probably don’t even need my help anymore, to be honest. Week 3 of the challenge and you are probably a professional declutter-er by now!
I am still here to guide you though.

All of the information you will need for these rooms will also be in the checklists for previous rooms. Whether it’s a craft room or toy room, you can find tips there!

One cabinet at a time

We are going to tackle these rooms one cabinet and surface at a time.
If you try to do it all at once, you will just overwhelm yourself and possibly give up.
But don’t give up, you’ve come so far!

Regardless of the room type, the best place to start is the main area which is used. As with the living room and workspaces, this is to ensure that you have some kind of “anchor point” to focus on for the rest of the room.

Follow the same basic formula

For each area of each room, you need to follow the same basic formula.
Let’s run through it again.

Remove everything

Remove everything, except for things that will always be there. Such as computers, TVs, heavy tools, appliances etc.

Start sorting

Once you’ve got your little pile going on, start sorting everything.
Remember your boxes. Donate, Bin, Sell.
Allocate accordingly, and don’t stop until you have sorted every last paperclip.

I know it can seem easier to cut a few corners, but that is exactly what got us into this mess, to begin with! Cutting corners is not the way to approach decluttering. Now or in future!

Wipe down and replace

Before we replace everything we are keeping, we want to ensure all surfaces are wiped down.
This not only improves the overall look of the room, but it also will help you down the track because you will not need to remove everything a-gain to wipe it all down.
Also wipe down any appliances, lamps etc. The more basic wipedowns you do, the easier your life will be!

Do this for every area

Now keep following this for every area of your room, until you have no more areas or rooms left to do.

And that’s it.

Like I said, today was going to be super simple and straight forward!

Only 2 days left after today, so make sure you get ready because next, we have Hallways & Entryways, then the infamous Kitchen! How exciting will that be!

Until then, keep being amazing x

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