Day 2: Bedrooms

declutter challenge day two bedrooms

Hello, and welcome to day 2 of the declutter challenge!

Today we are tackling bedrooms, our first big day! So make sure you’ve set aside the bulk of your day (or all of it, depending on how much stuff you have and how many bedrooms!).
This is not going to be an easy day – but it will totally be worth it. Promise.

If you’ve just come across this page, be sure to check out the Introduction before you get started.
It will cover all the information you need, show you how to get access to the exclusive resources and let you access all of these awesome challenge days straight from your inbox!

Before we start

Make sure you have all of your supplies ready to go!
Bags/boxes ✓
Cleaning supplies ✓
Music ✓
The right mindset! ✓ ✓ ✓

I won’t sugar coat it – Today will probably be the hardest day of them all, but once it’s done – it’s done!
To be completely honest, this challenge may take the whole weekend or two half days. I never said this would be easy, but it will be worth it!

For today’s challenge, we are going to go through the main rooms that people generally have in their homes. This includes Master Bedroom, Childs Room/Nursery, Spare Bedroom.
If you don’t have any of these rooms then feel free to slightly adjust or re-use the checklists to suit any other rooms you have!

We have a lot to cover, so let’s get going.

The flow for each room

The flow for each room is going to be pretty similar, but don’t get thrown off by the repetition.
We are going to be doing each room in this order:

  • Bedding
  • Wardrobes
  • Drawers/extra cupboards
  • Under the bed

Master Bedroom

When you step into your bedroom what do you think? Do you think “boy, I love this space!” or do you think “as soon as I open that wardrobe, my whole house is going to fall on my head”?
If it is the latter, you’ve come to the right spot!

Start by removing all of the bedding on your bed, and putting them in the washing machine. By the time they are done the washing, we should be ready to move to the next room where you’ll be doing the same.

Wardrobe & Clothes Drawers

Now that you’ve done that, we are going to tackle the wardrobe!
Remove all of the clothes and shoes. It’s okay, I’ll wait!

Right, now we need to start sorting.
As a general rule, I like to have enough clothes for a whole week without doing any laundry, to cover two seasons (so say 7 summer dresses and 7 top/pant combos for winter). As well as underwear, workout gear, and 2-3 formal/outing outfits.
Any more than that, and it starts to get excessive.
You can follow this rule, or you can cull as you see fit. As long as you actually cull a decent amount!

Okay, so! When sorting your clothes donate anything you haven’t work in the last 18 months (yes, even that sweater you got at Disneyland!), throw out anything stained or damaged and keep only the things that you love or wear often!
Then do the same for shoes.

It’s not time to put stuff away yet

We both know you have a bunch of other things hidden in that wardrobe!
It’s time to sort those. Pull everything out.

(Make sure you refer to your checklist for today so you can see all of the things that belong in your wardrobe!)

Go through it. Rehome the essentials and allocate to trash/donate/sell accordingly.
Before you put everything back, make sure to wipe down any surfaces (even if they look clean – it saves us pulling everything out to do it later!)

Once you’ve done this – have some water. It’s important to stay hydrated!
Then start putting everything that you’re keeping back into the wardrobe.
Make sure it’s all organised, accessible and stuff you will use.
Again – if you’re struggling to do this, you still have too much stuff and keep culling!


In my house, bedside tables are a key problem area for hoarding. Somehow everything and its uncle ends up in them. (I even found our missing toothbrush heads in there the other week!)
You don’t have to pull everything out unless it is overflowing. These are usually quite easy and quick to sort through.

Once you’ve sorted it, look in your drawers and make sure that everything that is in there, belongs in there and is easily accessible. We never want to be digging through anything after a declutter.

Under the bed

Some homes are really good at keeping under their bed clean, others.. not so much. I am in the “not so much” category. Somehow all of Lunas dummies, toys and clothes end up under our bed (no idea how!)

Try to avoid physically climbing under the bed, it can be bad practice if you have a fragile back.
Instead, get a broom and sweep it all out. Sort from that pile.

And there you go! All done! How exciting.

Before moving to the next room

Have a look around. Feel better?
Again, look at the piles you’ve decided to get rid of. (we are going to keep doing this!) Remember all that stuff? It’s going to a better or more relevant home, and you aren’t going to miss it at all!

Also – by this point, your bedding should be done. Throw it out on the washing line and get ready for round two!

Children’s Rooms / Nursery

This is either going to be really easy or really challenging.
If all of your toys are kept in this room, then it may take a while. But we’ll get there!

We are going to be following the same process as before.
So as soon as you walk into the room, take off the bedding and replace it with something clean.

Wardrobes / Drawers

Do everything you did in your previous room. Pull it all out, sort it and wipe down surfaces. (I don’t want to bore you with the repeating the exact same process as the previous room – by now you should have a good idea of what needs to be done for the bedrooms)

Anything stained or damaged – bin it.
Anything too small or your child suddenly hates – donate it
Toys in the wardrobe? Nope! That’s not where they live. Relocate anything that’s being kept and designate the rest.


Not all children’s rooms have bedside tables, but for the ones that do it may be best to get your children (if old enough) to help you sort through these.
Sometimes all their favourite and most special items live in these drawers.
Either way, make sure you follow the same method as before.

Under the bed

No monsters under there, I promise!
But I remember when I was a kid – under the bed was the (seemingly) best place to store everything!

Get your trusty broom and sweet everything out. Sort accordingly.

Annddd bam! This room is done!

Repeat the process for any other kids rooms.

Guest bedroom

This room, in theory, should be pretty straight forward.
However – some of us (guilty) accidentally turn this room into an unofficial storage room.
Because of this, it can be the biggest challenge of all.

I think most of us have lived in a house at one point that has a room like this! It’s almost like a right of passage.

For this room, follow all of the previous rooms guidelines, with this extra step, if needed:

Sort through the boxes

Yep, those boxes of stuff you may be storing. They don’t belong in your spare room!

Christmas decorations box? To the garage!
Box of books and CDs you’ve had since the 90s? Donate/sell them!
Every single box, go through it and sort accordingly.
If this feels like a really daunting task then remember your “why”. Why you’re doing this, and how good you’ll feel once it’s done.
Remember – if you haven’t used it in the last 18 months, it’s gotta go!

Now, go reclaim that spare room!

How did you go?

Wow! What a huge challenge this was!
Don’t worry, that is as hard as it will get.
Make sure you take all of those trash bags to the bin (or do a tip run at the end of it, that’s what we did!), and donate those donation boxes.

Take a nice hot bath, you deserve it!
Next week we will be taking on Bathrooms, Laundry and our Living Rooms!

Day 3 will be available on August 13th.

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