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DIY Gift Tags

turn cards into diy gift tags

Christmas is nearly here, and that means it’s time to wrap all of those well thought out gifts! What better way to add a personal touch than to add DIY gift tags!

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The joy of DIY

I love to DIY anything and everything, it is such a great way to re-use and recycle the bits and bobs around your house that you would usually throw out!

This year, I had already exceeded my budget (oops) and realised that I had forgotten to buy gift tags.
I know that they only cost a few dollars, but I refused to break the bank any more so went through my Portable Wrapping Station (these are awesome, find out how to make your own here!)

In my wrapping station, I didn’t find any gift tags. Bummer!
But what I did find, was even better for my crafty little brain – Unused Christmas Cards from the year before!

It took me all of 3 seconds to decide what I was going to do – create my own gift cards!
I was already much more excited over these gift cards than I was over the idea of hunting down ones that matched my theme for the year!

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How to make DIY Gift Tags

Making DIY gift tags is not at all difficult, you only need a few simple supplies and a bit of time.

It’s such a simple project that you can do it in spare moments you find throughout the day, or sit down for half an hour and do them all at once!

For your DIY Gift Tags, you will need:

  • Old, unused Christmas cards
    If you don’t have any lying around, check out your local Op Shop (Thrift Store), at this time of year they always have extras of this kind!
    You can even use the cards you’ve received in the past and have no attachment to!
  • Scissors and/or a paper slicer
    I use this one!
Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags


  • A pencil & eraser
  • A stencil with shapes on it
  • Ribbon/Twine
  • A hole punch
Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

How to make your DIY Gift Tags

Gather your supplies

Gather all of your supplies that you will be using for this project, and find a clean, flat surface to work on.
I tend to use either my desk or the dining table – but wherever you feel comfortable works.

Get a rough idea

Look at your cards and get a rough idea of how you would like to have them look.

  • Do you want them all to be the same shape and size?
  • Do you want to cut freely and have various sizes (this is generally what I do!); or
  • Do you want to use stencils and create specific shapes and patterns?
  • How many do you need? Make sure you plan accordingly so you don’t run out of card!

There is no right or wrong – you can have them all different shapes, sizes and patterns. That is the joy of DIY gift tags!

Remove the back part of the card

Unless you are wanting to make DIY Gift Tag Cards (which is also covered in this post) then remove the back of the card.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

To do this you can simply tear carefully along the fold, or slice it off with your paper trimmer/scissors.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

A few notes before we get started!

  • I use a Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer. This trimmer has a wired “cutting guide” so I know exactly where the slicer is going to cut.
    Not all paper trimmers have this – so if you don’t have one then don’t get one without it! It can save so many minor errors!
diy xmas tags fiskar paper trimmer

You can check out the Paper Trimmer I use here.

  • The cards I used had a lot of glitter on them!
    While they are cute enough to be worth it if you’re not a fan of getting glitter everywhere then try to avoid glittery cards.
  • This activity is suitable for older children, just ensure that you are always supervising them.
    But I definitely recommend getting the kids involved to create their own personal Christmas tags!

How to make them all the same size and shape

This method is best if you’d like a uniform look across all of your gift tags.

Step 1
Cut out your first card as your desired shape and size.
This will be your template.

Step 2
Line your template up against the un-cut card.

Christmas Craft Ideas DIY Christmas gift tags XMAS

Step 3
Using a pencil, trace the card. As you can see, I did a simple square, but this method works for any shape.

Step 4
Cut along the traced line to have two identically sized tags.
Repeat as many times as needed.

diy xmas tags

Once you have traced, you can cut your remaining cards out!

Try doing this with 2-3 different shapes, so you can have a cute little range of custom gift tags.

Free-hand style

This is my favourite way of doing it, but it may not suit everyone!

For this method, you simply cut and slice wherever your heart desires!
If you’re a bit more creative you can draw simple shapes to cut out (such as a candy cane or gingerbread man – cute!)

Step 1
Get an idea of where you would like to cut.
Since this is the free-hand method, you just need a rough idea!

Tip: If you want to freehand but aren’t totally sure then feel free to roughly trace out shapes & lines using a pencil.

Step 2
Cut along your desired line.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

Step 3
Using the shape you end up with – either use it as your tag or cut further to get smaller cards.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

As you can see, these two are free-hand and totally different sizes.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags


Using a stencil/ruler

Just because you may want to use stencils, it doesn’t mean that there should be a limit to your creativity!

Step 1
Pick a shape that you would like and then work out which part of the card you’d like to cut out.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

Step 2
Trace your shape

How I did it:

When I did this, I lined the edge of the stencil up with the edge of the card, and the bottom of the shape I wanted up with the card, to see where I wanted to cut.

Then, when I opened up the card, I simply lined it up in the same spot.

This made it much easier to cut exactly where I needed to cut.

Step 3
Cut around your shape

Tip: Don’t slice through the whole card. Try to stick to the edges so that you don’t waste the rest of the card.

Christmas Craft Ideas DIY Christmas gift tags XMAS

This is an amazingly fun way to create your shapes, although it can be a bit more difficult because the only way you can cut them out is with scissors.
So if you’re like me and not overly confident with scissors, then it may not be the best method.

Christmas Craft Ideas DIY Christmas gift tags XMAS

I encourage you to give it a go!

Mini Gift Cards

If flat gift tags aren’t your thing – try these mini gift tag cards!

Step 1
Make sure that you use a card that hasn’t been already sliced in half down the fold.

Step 2
Place the card, folded as normal, in the paper trimmer.

Christmas Craft Ideas DIY Christmas gift tags XMAS

Step 3
Cut/slice a simple square or rectangle, cutting through both layers.

Christmas Craft Ideas DIY Christmas gift tags XMAS

Step 4
Cut horizontally along the card so that you get 2 mini cards.
As you can see, there is an “M” leftover from the previous card. Just cut above and below that.

Christmas DIY Christmas crafts recycled gift tags

Voi-la. A mini card created from an unwanted bigger card!

Using this method, you can usually get 3-4 mini cards, as well as a bunch of single tags!

Finishing touches

Congratulations – you now have a beautiful, one-of-a-kind range of DIY gift tags!

From here, you can stick the tags directly onto your gifts, or you can add a string to them!

To create add string, simply hole punch where you would like the string to be attached and thread it through. Tie a small knot and attach it to your gift!

How to make gift tags
My hole punch is not in the best shape but thankfully still works fine!

Now you have beautiful DIY Gift Tags!

How easy was that!

This simple project can be altered and modified in just about any way you want. The only limitation is your imagination!

The perfect way to add a personal touch to your gifts all year round.

Don’t forget to show us yours!

If you create these, make sure you tag us on Instagram @mindful.galaxy.insta so we can see your versions!

make your own christmas gift tags

Jess is an aspiring blogger, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After relocating to remote Christmas Island, Australia, to be with her fiance, she became a mother for the first time. As a long-time sufferer of anxiety, Jess knew that as a mother she couldn't keep letting it take control of her life. Using the power of planning, Jess has learned how to use her passion for organisation to minimise anxiety and maximise her self-worth. Now she runs her blog, Mindful Galaxy, to bring all of these lessons straight to you so that you can live your best life.

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