Let me start by saying… I hate exercise.
I love the feeling I get after I’ve done it, but before and during is my definition of torture.
I have never understood why anybody would want to make their body ache and sweat for fun.
I am inherently lazy. It’s built in. I swear when I was made they threw in too much of the CBF gene and left out all athletic desire.
In saying that though, I realise that it is good for me and that I need to get my ass into gear if I want to be a Bohemian Goddess at my wedding in 13 months.

So the plan of this post is simple. I am going to update it weekly for 8 weeks with my goals, what I have done, what I haven’t done and what I would do differently.

I am hoping to see a change in my attitude towards fitness but I am not going to be surprised if my love for fitness stays at its usual status of “Non existent”