Welcome to the start of the rest of my life (hopefully!).
This week is going to be a gentle week. If there is one thing I’ve learned from personal experience it is that going too hard too fast is a recipe for disaster.
In 2009 I took part in a workplace Biggest Loser challenge. My first week I hit the gym every day and lost 6kg. By the second week my knee was buggered and I had lost all motivation.
The aim of the game here isn’t “Biggest Loser”, it is “Slow and steady”.

Week 1 – Goals

This weeks goals will be super simple and straight forward. I need to learn how to not over complicate everything!
So the plan is this:
Walk x3
Yoga x1
Swimming x1

Week 1 – What actually happened

It rained and my lazy heart rejoiced. It was raining on and off all day so we decided not to go for a walk. Yes, this means I could watch the new Game of Thrones. So that is what I did… although it wasn’t guilt free. My anxiety decided to kick my butt.

No rain today, dammit. My sister and I plan to walk at 6:30pm on walk days however at 6pm I got a knock on the door while I was stuffing my face with some chocolate. I felt like a kid who got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. It was my sister, coming to get me for our walk. Dammit, I had run out of time for excuses.
But we did it, we walked. We intentionally went on our harder walk up a big hill to remind ourselves that we can survive even when it is tough.
3,474 steps were achieved in a 35 minute, 2.39km walk. I was absolutely exhausted and my sweat was sweating but I am really glad that we did it!
This walk was a catch up on the missed one yesterday, which means another walk tonight. Wish me luck!

Please excuse the messy deck

Today Luna decided she wanted to wear my runners in daycare. I wish I looked this cute in workout gear! This was an amazing metaphor in my mind. My baby girl wearing runners. It has reminded me why I am doing this. For her, for me, for my family. Not only am I going to live longer and spend lots of time with this little monkey, I am also going to show her that healthy living is the only true way to live your life and equip her with the tools to live her best life.

We went for our walk though, which was a huge success! We did a longer, further walk than yesterday and felt pretty good about it.
5,011 steps were achieved in a 45 minute, 3.48 km walk.


As you can see, Thursday is missing. It was a bit of a write off, if I’m completely honest. Little miss has decided that tantrums are super fun and she must have a meltdown every 4.76 seconds. It is definitely days like Thursday that stretch my limitations and patience! But that was yesterday, today is Friday. Good Friday, happy Easter all!

Anyway. Thursday sucked but today was better. I didn’t get to go for my walk but we did go swimming! Luna had lots of fun. So even though it was a fitness failure, it was a swimming success!