The Ultimate Printable Toolkit

From Printables to Profits

Everything you need to start generating a passive income.
Learn how to create, sell and market your digital products.

Create beautiful printables that sell - in minutes!

Have you always wanted to create printables but never knew where to start?

Or maybe you’re worried you don’t have the design skills.
(Spoiler alert: You do!)

Introducing From Printables to Profits.
Your fast-track to learning  everything you need to know about creating and selling printables.

You don't need to be a design graduate or tech guru to make beautiful digital products

Fact: Everybody uses digital products

Printables to profits toolkit
From bloggers to stay at home mums, everybody loves digital products.

And guess what? The people selling them are making thousands selling their printables!

And it's time you got a piece of the pie!

This is more than a course – it is an entire toolkit that gives you everything you need to 
start making money from your very own printables!

Printable templates - Canva Templates - How to make planner pages

About Jess

Mindful Galaxy was founded in 2019 me, Jess!

I am the mother of a beautiful toddler, and I live on a remote tropical island – Christmas Island (Yep, it’s a real place!)

After years of chaos and struggle, I discovered the power of planning.
Not only did planning help make the world run smoother, it also prooved to be an excellent tool at fighting anxiety.

Since then I have expanded my passion into blogging about how planning and organisation can help you live your best life.
From there it lead on to my new found job – Printable creation!

After speaking to my subscribers I learned that there is a huge gap in the knowledge that surrounds printable creation.

Sure, you can find it online – but only after hours of digging.
Hours that could be spent on creating products and making sales!

That is where Printables to Profits comes in. I designed this course specifically to help you fast track your printable creation – giving you every single tool you need to get started and start living your profitable printable dreams!

Jessica Stritthof founder of Mindful Galaxy
The course has so much more information than I expected and covers topics I would never have thought to Google myself. It's given me the confidence to start selling printables!
Stay at home mum

I wasted weeks looking for tutorials, information and learning through trial-and-error!

Your time is valuable!

So Fast Track your profits

I’ve been where you are…

You want to create beautiful products that sell.
Making money while you sleep is so appealing so you want to know how to create beautiful digital products.

But the second you sit down to start… you realise that you don’t actually know where to start – Argh!

Even knowing what software to use to create planner pages can be a anightmare.

When I started out creating printables I got so much wrong!
It took me endless hours of trial-and-error to finally get it right.

But it doesn’t have to take you that long!

Imagine if you found a fast track to learning everything you need to know about creating and selling printables.Not just the programs to use, but everything.

From Printables to Profits covers everything you need to get started!


Your Templates

From Printables to Profits comes with over 50 unique and fun templates. Each one has it’s own unique design so you can create gorgeous printables that stand out!

New templates are being added regularly – and you get each update for free!

Course Overview

A brief introduction to the course and how to navigate all of the information and resources.

Learn how to navigate Canva and how to use the best features to create your perfect printable.

  • 2.1 What is Canva
  • 2.2 Canva vs Canva Pro
  • 2.3 Adding & Modifying Text
  • 2.4 Adding Shapes & Graphics
  • 2.5 Uploading your own images
  • 2.6 Adding links to your designs
  • 2.7 Working with Layers
  • 2.8 Setting up your Brand Kit
  • 2.9 One-click document resizing

In module 3, I take you through my tried and tested 5-step system that generates the best printables every time.

  • 3.1 Why these steps – A look at why these steps are so important
  • 3.2 Step 1 – It Starts with an idea
  • 3.3 Step 2 – Putting Pen to Paper
  • 3.4 Step 3 – Open Canva!
  • 3.5 – Getting Personal
  • 3.6 – Test, test, test!

Creating a printable is only a small part of the picture.
Learn everything else you need to know to successfully sell and market your printables – legally!

  • 4.1 Conducting market research
  • 4.2 Pricing printables and transaction fees
  • 4.3 Where to sell your printables
  • 4.4 Wrtiting your sales page
  • 4.5 Refund policies
  • 4.6 Understanding copyright
  • 4.7 What are licencing terms?
  • 4.8 Marketing your products
  • 4.9 Paid vs Free fonts
  • 4.10 Expanding on what you create

This is where you will find all of your bonuses, resources, templates and even some bonus resource recommendations!


The course and templates aren't all this toolkit has...

Your Bonuses

Our Best-Selling Online Business Planner

Plan your new business with ease and draw inspiration from our printable business planner.

(Valued at $22)

Guides & Cheatsheets

Your Printable Roadmap is ready for you, along with Canva Commands Cheatsheet, Printable Hot Tips and 100+ Ideas for your next product!

(Valued at $56)

Tracking Spreadsheets

To help you track both your current stock and all of your ideas for future.
The current stock sheet auto-fills the expiration date for Etsy stores - too easy!

Pricing Calculator

Price your products with ease and consistency with the custom-made automatic pricing calculator!
(Valued at $20)

eBook & Workbook

Get an easy-to-reference ebook version of the course + a workbook to help you with all of your actionable steps!

(Valued at $56)

Trello Board

Pre-loaded with even more information. Designed specially to help you plan your business online.30

(Valued at $39)

"This has so much - I'm excited! It will definitely help me develop my printable journal workbooks and networking guides."
Brittany S.

Does this sound familiar?

If you’re here, it likely means you fall under one of two categories:

You’ve tried making printables, but you’re just not getting any traction!
Your online store is lucky to get a handful of visitors a month and you just don’t understand what you’re doing wrong.


You buy printables, you love them and you know that the market for them isn’t going away.
You’re ready to start making money off your passion but have zero clue where to start!

If you fall into one of these two categories, then this course is designed for you!

This toolkit is perfect for you if you...

Here is everything you're about to get!

Printables to profits - learn how to create printable planners to sell on etsy

Total Value = $768

Save over 90%
Just $47

Have a question?

The length of the course entirely depends on you and your individual learning speed. The course is designed so that you can take it at your own pace, allowing you the freedom to truly express your unique creativity.

Forever! When you purchase the course you have lifetime access to it, and all future updates will be provided for free!

Yep. I am so confident that you will love this course that it is backed by a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Simply send me an email at [email protected]

All bonuses are within the course, in their own special section labelled “BONUSES”. To access the bonus material, first purchase the course and then head to the relevant section.

Oh no! Don’t worry, I’m always here to help. Just send me an email at [email protected]

As soon as you have created your first printable, you can start selling it straight away!
What I will say is this – I can’t do the work for you.
You need to make the products to sell them 🙂

No, you don’t! That is the best part about From Printables to Profits – you can start creating printables even if you have no prior design skills.
Everything you need to know, including a Canva tutorial, is within the toolkit.