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Commands for Google Home

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Do you have a Google Home? Or are you thinking about getting one?

(If you don’t yet own one, you can check out our Pros and Cons of Google Home here, to help you decide.)

When we first got our Google Home, we really only used it to set timers for cooking.
Since then, our “Google Vocabulary” has expanded, and these are the most common phrases we use in our home (Yep – all of them!)

Most popular Google Home Phrases in our house (and what they are used for)

Alarms and Timers

“Hey Google…”

“…Set timer for 5 minutes”

This is the most popular use for Google Home in our home.

If a cake needs to be in the oven for 45 minutes, set a timer.
If you have a 20 minute lunch break, set a timer.

We set timers for everything. Cleaning, cooking, how long until Luna has to go to bed.. there is almost always a timer running in our house!

“…Set alarm for 4:50pm”

Don’t need a timer but need to be reminded when it’s time to leave the house or start getting ready? Set an alarm instead!

“…Start a stopwatch”

Perfect for when you want to time something. Simply say “Hey Google, Start a stopwatch”. Then, when you are ready say “Hey Google, stop stopwatch” and she will stop it and tell you how long it was running for.

“…Set sleep timer for 30 minutes”

This only works when media is playing, but if you want your music or netflix to stop streaming after half an hour, this is how you make it happen.

Video and Audio

“Hey Google…”

“… Find me a recipe for banana muffins”

You can find and be read recipes through Google, so you don’t need to be looking at your phone while busy. Super handy!

In addition to reading out the recipe, she will also send a link to the recipe to your phone.

“…Play Fleetwood Mac”

If you want specific music to be played, Google will play what you have requested. It can be a song, band, genre or album.

“…Play Vikings on Netflix”

As with music, Google can also start a show or movie on your Chromecast.

“…Play/pause/turn on subtitles”

When Netflix is playing, you can use Google home to control the stream. How cool is that!

“…Play Wake up Jeff on the Bedroom Speaker”

Not only can you play music, you can play music and have it spent to a specific Google Home speaker within your network.


“Hey Google…”

“…What games can you play”

Unsure of what awesome games await? Simply ask Google, and it will provide you with a list of options.

“…Play Song Quiz”

Ahh, my favourite of all games, song quiz.

If you know the name of the game you want to play, simply ask Google to play it. No need to run through the whole list of options.

“…Flip a coin”

Perfect for deciding who does what!
Jack and I do this all the time with dishes and other boring chores (I always win too)

Reminders and Routines

“Hey Google…”

“…Remind me to call the doctors”

You can ask Google to remind you to do something, it will then ask when you want the reminder set for.

Because Google has voice recognition, she only reveals the reminder details to the person who set it, which gives you some peace of mind when you don’t want your hubby to know that you needed to be reminded to buy his birthday present!

“…Good morning/Good night/ I’m awake/ I’m home”

Within the Google Home app, you can create a routine. Then pick a phrase you want to use to activate a routine.

Example: When I wake up, I say “Hey Google, Good morning”.
Then Google will start my routine that I have set up. Mine consists of Weather and then playing my favourite radio station, mine is pretty simple.

You can set it up to tell you a whole range of information in a routine – Weather, traffic report, news, play music, ect. Or you can set up a night time routine that will, for example, play relaxing music from 6 to 8pm and then stop.

Finding Information

“Hey Google…”

“…What is the capital of Zimbabwe”

Find out facts and settle debates

“…How do you spell ‘necessary'”

Google is great for helping you spell those tricky words.

“…What is 87 times 39”

Math extrodinare!

“…What time does Kmart open today?”

Find out what time stores near you open and/or close.

“…Where is my nearest petrol station?”

You know when it opens, but don’t know where it is? Never fear, Google is here!

“…What is the weather on Wednesday?”

Find out the week of weather coming up, or weather on a specific day.

Connectivity and controlling google/other smart devices

“Hey Google…”

“…Broadcast “time to get out of bed””

When you have more than one Google Home device, you can send voice messages from one to the other.
So if your kids won’t get out of bed, just tell them through Google without having to stop what you’re doing.

“…Transfer music to Kitchen Speaker”

Another handy tip when you own more than one device – If you are cleaning the bedroom and you want to start cleaning the kitchen, you don’t need to stop and start the music.

Simply tell Google that you want to transfer what is currently being played to another device and she will do it.

“…Turn volume up by 30%”

Turn volume up or down using either percentages or a number from 1 to 10 (1 is lowest volume, 10 is max)

“…Set volume to 6”

If you don’t want to turn the volume up or down, you can also set it to a specific level.

“…Turn on the kitchen light”

If you own smart lights, you can use Google to turn them on/off or even dim/brigten them.
A great smart light for Google Home is Phillips

“…Open all of the curtains”

Okay, so my house isn’t anywhere near this fancy. I don’t have voice control curtains.

But my uncle does.. and it is awesome!

My all time favourite

This is the most important feature of Google Home, in my opinion anyway!

“Hey Google…”

“…Call/Find my phone”

When you lose your phone (daily occurrence for me), you can ask your Google Home device to call your phone.
Even if it is on silent, she will make it ring at full volume.

If you only bought a Google Home for this feature, it would 100% be worth it!
This, unfortunately, doesn’t work for iPhone users.

Where to buy

If you’re in Australia, you can pick one up at most electronic stores such as Jb HiFi or Harvey Norman.

For my American readers, SmartLabs stock them as well as the Google Nest Mini in Coral!
They also stock a huge range of other Smart Home devices for that full futuristic experience.

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Unsure if Google Home is the right device for your home?
Check out my pros and cons of the Google Home.

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