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Oil Spotlight – Balance

The oil of grounding

I would love to start by saying that Balance is another must-have doterra oil, but let’s face it.. I could say that about all of their oils!

So instead of that, let’s just get straight into it.

Balance is a blend. What is a blend, you ask? A blend is a combination of various oils, it is not just a single oil in the bottle.
For example, when you buy Lavender, you are getting just lavender in that bottle.
When you buy Balance, it contains these wonderful oils:

  • Spruce – Mood Management
  • Ho Wood – Calming
  • Frankincense – Relaxation
  • Blue Tansy – Mood Lifting
  • Blue Chamomile – Soothing
  • Osmanthus – Commonly used in traditional herbal teas, known for its ability to detox and ease menstrual pain

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Benefits of doTERRA’s Balance Blend

As you can guess, these oils combined make for a wonderfully calming and grounding experience.
Benefits include (but aren’t limited to!)

  • Promotes feelings of tranquillity and balance
  • Can help to ease anxious feelings
  • Encourages relaxation
  • Can ease muscle tension
  • Provides mental and emotional relief
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In my post Anxiety Never Rests, I was having a battle with my anxiety over the simplest things. Balance is what helped me clear my mind and make the most beneficial decision.

If you don’t own Balance already, you can find it here!

How do you use Balance?

There are so many wonderful ways to make use of this blend.


You can add this oil to a roller bottle and top off with a carrier oil.
Then simply roll it on your feet, wrists or back of your neck and let the magic happen!

I love to use Balance on the soles of my feet. All it takes is a single drop and I am good to go!
As always, I highly recommend you dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil unless you are 100% comfortable with going neat! (Read more on safety guidelines)


As with topical application, all it takes is a few drops for you to reap the rewards of your oily wonder!

Here is the key difference between diffusing and topical application.
Diffusion is purely aromatic, meaning that is how the oils enter your body. Diffusing can be a great way to get the whole family to experience the benefits of essential oils.
However, topical application is a more personal yet direct method. It allows the oils to enter straight into your skin and can be very useful for targeting specific areas. This is also great if you are using an oil that is not recommended around little ones or pets.

So there you have it! It is easy to see why Balance is our Oil of the Week. It is absolutely amazing!

If you’re interested in getting our Oil of the Week oils for 10% off, every week, then be sure to join our Mailing List so that you can take advantage of this amazing offer!

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Jess is an aspiring blogger, born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. After relocating to remote Christmas Island, Australia, to be with her fiance, she became a mother for the first time. As a long-time sufferer of anxiety, Jess knew that as a mother she couldn't keep letting it take control of her life. Using the power of planning, Jess has learned how to use her passion for organisation to minimise anxiety and maximise her self-worth. Now she runs her blog, Mindful Galaxy, to bring all of these lessons straight to you so that you can live your best life.

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