Printable Cleaning Planner with Pocket Money Tracker



Not everyone likes cleaning, and if you’re anything like me you not only dislike it but you also need inspiration and motivation to get it done!

This pretty planner pack will not only keep you motivated, but it will also give you a list of things that need to be cleaned for both car and home – so you don’t need to be wondering if you’ve missed something.

This Cleaning Planner Includes:

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule
    Keep track of all of your upcoming cleaning chores – can double as a general to-do list as well
    Cleaning Roster – Roster out the chores for your family members – simply print a chore list for each of your family members and tick off their hard work as it is completed
  • Pocket Money Roster
    Track your child pocket money chores. Add a value for the chore and tick it off as the days go so you can simply tally it up at the end of the week! A great way to keep your kids motivated and your sanity in check 🙂
  • Go Green Swaps
    We are becoming more environmentally conscious. Write down your intended “green swaps” and ideas for product replacements!
  • Organisation ideas
    Write down all of your ideas and plans for room organisation – whether it is pantry sorting or a room overhaul, you can track it here!
  • Cleaning checklists
    pre-filled checklists, with room to add your own items! Checklists for both home and car, so you can get it cleaned once and for all!
  • Cleaning Recipe
    A sheet to record your cleaning recipes. Whether it be a DIY surface spray or carpet cleaner, write it down so you never forget it.
  • Project Planner
    Keep track of the projects around the house. Odd jobs, renovating… track all of those big projects here!
  • Cleaning by room & Annual cleaning sheets Some things don’t need to be cleaned every day, or even week. Track those things on these sheets.
  • “When did I last…”
    Can’t remember the last time you cleaned the oven? This sheet is designed to let you record what you are tracking, and the last date you did that task. This pack comes with two versions – one blank and one pre-filled
  • Cleaning calendar
    perpetual calendar so that you can plan all of your household cleaning around your life.



A4 Printable Planner; and
A5 Printable Planner


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