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When you were a kid, nobody warned you about the worst part of being an adult – the fact that you need to think of what’s for dinner every single night!

Our modern lives make it so easy to just pick up our phones and order take-away, but we all know that it is much more ideal to be preparing our families healthy meals.

The Family Meal Planner will help take the repetition out of meal planning, and let you get on with what matters!

In this Family Meal Planner pack, you will find:

  • Shopping List
    The good ol’ shopping list. Print it out and keep it on your fridge, so you can keep track of what you need as you think of it!
    (Nothing worse than having 80 pieces of scrap paper lying around saying things like “Bread” and “Remember to get carrots”)
  • This Week’s Meals
    Plan your meals for the week in one quick sitting, so when it is time to do your grocery shop you know exactly what you need to buy – saving both time and money!
  • Family Favourites
    Keep track of all of your families favourite meals, and incorporate them into your weekly meal plan!
    Make sure you read How to plan a month worth of meals so that you can see how these worksheets fit perfectly into your meal planning!
  • Kitchen Inventory
    Record everything you have in your fridge, freezer and pantry – take note of Use By dates and make a helpful list of things you shouldn’t buy again because nobody ate it anyway!
    This list helps you not only see what ingredients you have hidden in your cupboards but also motivates you to do that spring cleaning your kitchen has so badly needed.
  • Monthly Meal Planning
    Take your meal planning a step further with the Monthly Meal Planning calendar. This pack includes both Monday and Sunday starts. So no matter when your week starts, I’ve got you covered.
    This calendar is also fantastic for writing down all of those dinner dates and school bake sales.
  • Recipe Sheet
    This is where you write down all of your recipes for future storing. It includes helpful checkboxes to easily identify which recipes are Gluten-free, Nut-free, Vegan etc.
  • Recipes To Try
    A sheet for all those times you think “I really should make that cake!” but then forget about it. Write down the recipe, where to find it and then rate it once you’ve gotten around to making it!
  • Allergy Tracker
    Allergies are awful, but it is essential that we understand who has them and what the emergency procedure is.
    Record all allergies of not only your family members but friends who frequent your home, so that you never have to get caught out in a horrible panic again.
    Awesome Tip: Tape it inside your emergency first aid kit and/or your medical cabinet. This way it is there for instant access!

PDF’s you receive:

Upon purchase, you will receive US Letter, A5 and A4 size printables.
If you need another size, make sure you print out our free guide on how to resize printables to suit your needs.

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