Sleep Saver Trio



Hellooooo sleep!

A personally recommended combination by us here at Mindful Galaxy.

As a long-time sufferer of anxiety and insomnia, I used to think there was no hope for me ever getting a good nights sleep again.

That was until I discovered this trio of essential oils! Now I fall asleep much easier and, most importantly, my quality of sleep has greatly improved!

What you get in this kit:
15ml Vetiver
15ml Lavender Peace
15ml Copaiba

I know, I know. It may seem a little pricey. But let me tell you, I have been using this blend nearly every night for the last 12 months and I am still not to the end of the bottles! It is an investment worth making!

I absolutely adore this kit, and highly recommend it for anyone who has sleep difficulties or stresses they can’t seem to shake.

Other recommended oils:
Cedarwood and Balance

Want this product cheaper!?

If you purchase it with a membership you will not only receive a tonne of great perks but also save on your initial (and future) purchase!

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