Planning & Organisation

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” – Thomas Edison

Planning for tomorrow helps you live for today

Welcome to the Planning & Organisation section of Mindful Galaxy!

In this section you will find posts on how to create a routine that works for you, learn the difference between a Bullet Journal and a Planner – and how to use them to suit your needs and how to set achievable goals.

There are lots of other awesome posts within the Planning & Organisation section, so make sure you check those out too!

Planners & Bullet Journals

Learn about the power of planning.
Discover the uses of planners & bullet journals and get back full control
over your entire life.

printable household planner

Create your perfect routine

Routines are well known for their ability to boost productivity – but it’s not always
‘one-size-fits-all’. Learn how to create the perfect routine that works for you.

how to create a routine that works

Set Achievable Goals

Planning and routines are both fantastic, but the reason we lean on these is for
one main reason – To achieve our goals.
Learn how to set achievable goals here.

workdesk with calculator - how to set achievable goals

Learn how to create your own printables

Take complete control of your planner

Create your own personalised planner to help maximise your productivity YOUR way.

I’ll even teach you how to sell it!