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Subscription box gift ideas

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Subscription box gift ideas are the perfect gift to get that person who has everything!

For other gift ideas for the person who has everything, make sure you check out my Unique Gift Ideas here.
But this post will be focused solely on the subscription box side of things!

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What is a subscription box?

A subscription box is a monthly subscription in which the site you have subscribed to sends you a gift of random goodies related to their niche.
This can be a random book box, crafts, food, beauty products – there is a subscription box for nearly everything these days!

How many subscription boxes do you get?

That is entirely up to you! If you sign up for 6 months, you will usually get 5-6 boxes. If you sign up for one month, you will usually only get one.
That is the beauty of subscription boxes.

Why does a subscription box make a good gift?

Subscription box gift ideas are great for their versatility, variety and general awesomeness.
Once you have narrowed down a hobby of your giftee, you can then find a gift box that suits them perfectly.
Do they like reading? Get a book club subscription!
Are they young and love toys? Get them a toy subscription!
The possibilities go far beyond the 10 I have listed here.

My recommended subscription box gift ideas

Here are my top 10 recommended subscription boxes.
I’ve tried to keep it broad so that you can hopefully find the perfect gift for your loved one (or yourself!).

1. Hoot For Kids

child subscription box

This box is aimed at kids ages 3 to 6. It contains a few carefully selected toys to suit that age range.
Each box comes with an activity card and can be customised for your child’s specific age.

They also have a cute store of “add ons” which have a range of adorable children’s blankets and soft toys.

Check out Hoot for Kids here.

2. Playtime by Eimmie

child subscription box

This one is really cute for a child and their doll. It says it is aimed at girls, but I know this is something my brother would have loved as a child!

It is a little subscription pack that comes with cute clothes and accessories for dolls – my favourite is the matching apron set for both child and doll. Too cute!

If dolls are your child’s thing, make sure you check out this sub box here.

3. Fashionsta

Before we get into this subscription box (which is amazing!). They are currently not accepting new subscriptions due to their high demand – however, there is a waitlist which is definitely worth jumping in on!

Okay, so this sub box is perfect for the beauty and skincare lovers, and even though their sub box has a waitlist, there is totally an amazing store that is worth checking out. And that is why this sub box got to stay on my list!

You can check it out here

4. Spartan Carton

I love the name of this box, it’s great. Catchy and a little bit hilarious (in a good way).

This box is great for gym junkies, or even someone who wants to enter the fitness world but is unsure of products.
Spartan Carton gives a range of healthy snacks, bodybuilding products and even the occasional awesome clothing.

If you want 40% off your first box, here is where you can grab the Spartan Carton!

5. Earth Love

This is probably my personal favourite of all the boxes here today.
The Earth Love subscription box contains a range of home, health and beauty products that are all cruelty-free, environmentally responsible and they support small business in their country – all things that I love!

Their boxes come with random eco-friendly products that suit the season.

If you had to check out one box, I would recommend the Earth Love box.
You can find it here.

6. Wick Box

This candle subscription isn’t your usual candle box. They create a candle based on your own preferred scents.
Plus the candles are gorgeous!

You can check out the Wick Box here

7. The Keto Box

keto Subscription box

This box contains what it says on, well, the box!
It is a box full of Keto snacks, which is perfect for Keto lovers who are struggling to find a new range of tasty food to suit their diet!

This box also comes with a 28-day meal plan and various coupons to use.

You can find this amazing Keto Box here

8. BookCase Club

No subscription box list would be complete without a book subscription box!
These are fantastic for just about anybody.

They allow you to select a “theme” that you wish to get books for, and you will receive 2-3 books each month – straight to your door!

There are even subscription boxes for kids and teens.

Make sure you check out the BookCase Club here.

8. VeganlyBox

vegan Subscription box

Similar to the Keto box, this box comes with vegan snacks!
The biggest difference between this and the Keto box is that it comes with three size options to choose from.
You can get either a small, medium or large snack box – perfect for trying it out and then adjusting to suit your needs!

This box is currently open for Pre-Order, check out the VeganlyBox here

10. WaltLife Inc.

Saving the best till last – everybody loves Disney!

These Disney-themed subscription boxes come in a range of types and prices. There is even a box specifically designed to surprise somebody with a trip to Disneyland. How exciting!

The only downside to these boxes is that they are on the pricey side. Of all the boxes listed here today, these run at the highest cost.

But it is still definitely worth checking out. You can find these adorable boxes here.

Which is your favourite?

With so many amazing boxes to choose from, it may be hard to pick a favourite.

Don’t worry, I get it!
Let me know in the comments if you have any personal favourites (doesn’t have to be listed here!)

Happy subscribing!

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