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The 7 Gift Rule

7 gift rule 4 gift christmas rule gift guide

Christmas is getting closer and closer, and as it approaches you may be hearing more about the “7 gift rule”.

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What is the 7 gift rule?

It is the concept of buying only a set amount of gifts for each individual.
This is an awesome way to help you stick to your budget, not overload your little one with gifts and it also helps you think of some great gift ideas!

Each gift falls under its own category, which we will get to soon.
You buy one gift to fit in each category and by the end of it, you have 7 gifts to give your loved one.

The 7 gift rule is designed for children and young adults, but it can be applied to anyone you wish for it to be applied to.

There are several variations of the rule – The 4 gift rule, the 5 gift rule, the 10 gift rule.
It all started as the 4 gift rule (Which are the first 4 on our list today), but it has slowly evolved as other people have added to it.

For today, we will be looking at the 7 gift rule

I am here to help you think outside the box, and make the most of your 7 gifts!

Who is the 7 Gift Rule good for?

The 7 Gift Rule is good for anyone who has a huge compulsion to just buy every.single.gift.they.can (like me).
It is also a great way to stick to a budget and not feel like you have over-spent on your kids.

Just because you follow the 7 Gift Rule, doesn’t mean that your kids need to miss out.

If you aren’t keen on getting only 7 gifts, this guide can still be used to source some incredible ideas and build your own gift-giving traditions!

Personally, I feel that you should go with the number of gifts you can financially afford and feel comfortable with.

Last year Luna had so many gifts that we are still drowning in the clutter, 10 months later!

Why I am doing the 7 Gift Rule

Christmas day is awesome, lots of food and gifts, spending time with loved ones and watching your search for that perfect gift pay off.

Christmas isn’t just about that one day, it is a whole season of kindness, laughter, crafts, baking, singing, dancing and movie watching.

It is celebrating our achievements through the year and making bigger and more exciting plans for the following year. 

And this is what I want Luna to experience fully, without solely focusing on gifts.

I want Luna to focus on everything I just listed, as well as teach her the importance of giving, showing gratitude and taking care of those less fortunate than us or who have struggles around the holiday season. 

While she is only 2, and too young to grasp all of this yet, I will start with the 7 gift rule to help grow her gratitude. 

Everyone is different. With their own unique values and ideas – and, as always, that’s okay!

But this is why I will be following the 7 gift rule this year, and for years to come. 
I want Luna to get what she wants, and what she needs, without getting caught up in Christmas gift comparisons and feeling like I’ve not done enough. (Good old Mum Guilt!) 

Basically, I want my little girl to grow up grateful, happy and balanced.

1. Something They Want

Something they want is generally the easiest place to start.
It is when you get your child the thing that they want the most – the “Big Ticket” item.

For us this year, it was a dollhouse for Luna, who will be 2 this Christmas.
She is at the age where all she wants is absolutely everything she sees, which is a bit too big of a gift haha.
So we narrowed it down based off her likes.

As your kids get older, they will definitely tell you what they want. So take note of their big wish list, and that is where you will find your first gift for the 7 Gift Rule!

2. Something They Need

Something they need can be just about anything. From a new toothbrush to a new set of paints for their favourite hobby.

Generally, because it’s Christmas, it is a good idea to try and stick to things that your child will actually enjoy, while it being something they need.

Something they need ideas:

  • Sport Equipment
  • Craft & Art Supplies
  • Educational Games
  • Photography supplies
  • A nice cover for their technology
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3. Something To Wear

Every year, my grandma would buy us a heap of new clothes for Christmas.

I think that all of us have gotten socks and shirts for Christmas at some point!

So that is where “Something to wear” comes in!
Get your child something to wear. It doesn’t have to be socks and shirts, it can be something special and/or to accessorise!

All you have to do is think outside the box, and the options open up!

Something to wear ideas:

4. Something To Read

The thing I love the most about the 7 Gift Rule is that it really encourages you to think outside the box, so you don’t get boring cliche gifts that the list may suggest.

Something to read ideas:

5. Something To Do

“Something to do” is a great way to get your giftee to step outside of the house and get some adventure in their life!

Think of something they love to do and go from there.

Do they love movies? Or going to concerts? There are heaps of amazing ideas to give the gift of something to do!

Something to do ideas:

  • Movie ticket/voucher
  • Concert ticket
  • Room escape booking for them and some friends
  • Monthly or Annual pass to a theme park
  • Membership for their favourite sporting team (Football, Soccer etc)

6. Something For “Me”

The idea behind “Something for me” is to get them something special, that is just for them. Such as a handmade gift or keepsake.

This can be difficult depending on the age of your child/giftee, but there are still plenty of options.

For our “Something for me” this year, we are going to make ornaments with Luna’s handprint. While it isn’t necessarily something for her this year, it is something that she can keep forever and put on her Christmas Tree one day!

Something for me ideas:

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7. Something For Family

For our final gift, we have something for the family.
This is my personal favourite because this is where we really get down to the importance of Christmas – spending time with the ones you love.

This gift can be something that you give each of your kids or one big gift for the whole family to enjoy. Whichever it is, it will be great.

Something for family ideas:

  • Trip to the zoo
  • Movie tickets
  • A board game the family has been talking about
  • A day out in a rural area of your state
  • Theme park adventure
  • A trip to see awesome family members

Looking for more gift ideas?

We are here to take all of your stress out of life, and gift shopping!
Make sure you check out our other gift idea related posts for even more amazing ideas!

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