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Toddler Travel Kit

how to make a toddler travel kit flying with toddlers travelling with small children

In a few days, Luna and I will be flying off to see family. Exciting! But also terrifying, since we will be travelling without Jack.
So I decided to put together a toddler travel kit, in hopes it keeps her occupied enough to save my sanity!

What is a toddler travel kit?

A toddler travel kit is pretty much what it says! It’s a travel kit, put together to keep kids entertained on their journey.

How do you make a toddler travel kit?

Creating your own toddler travel kit can be incredibly easy! You don’t need to go out and spend a lot of money to make one.

Here are some tips for creating a toddler travel kit for your next big adventure

  • Ensure that everything is age-appropriate
  • If you are unsure whether or not it is allowed on a flight, it’s best to assume it isn’t and leave it out
  • Include healthy snacks and freshwater
  • Always take your child’s favourite comfort toy/blanket/book. This will make them feel safer and your trip much easier
  • Try to repurpose toys that may be sitting in the bottom of a toybox somewhere. This will save you money and get more use from that forgotten toy
  • Get toys and creative activities that can be done without your child having to leave their seat.

Some awesome ideas include:

  • Colouring book & pencils
  • Travel board game with minimal pieces
  • Reading book
  • Books to learn about the destination
  • A portable etch-a-sketch (even easier than colouring books!)
  • A new toy that has minimal parts – such as a dinosaur or basic truck
  • Stickers
  • Headband/hair accessories

Things I recommend avoiding:

  • Bubbles
  • Playdough
  • Textas/Markers
  • Anything that has lots of pieces
  • Sugary foods and drinks
  • Loud toys that may disrupt other peoples journey (and give you a headache!)

Lunas Toddler Travel Kit

For this post, I am separating Lunas Toddler Travel Kit into 4 categories.

  • The New
    Things I bought for the kit
  • The Old
    Things I’ve grabbed out of her toy box
  • The Controversial
    We will get to that shortly…
  • Not shown
    There are a few things that will be added on the day!

The New

A colouring book & pencil set

This is actually a colour-by-number set, something a bit old for her.
But when you live on an island, you have to improvise.

So she can ignore the numbers and colour however and wherever she wants, with the added adorable pencils!

Reading books

2 small books for her to “read”, they are small which makes them perfect for a plane (they literally fit in my hand!) and only cost $1 each.

Necklace and bracelet

Luna lovesssss playing with my jewellery. It is one of her favourite things.
So I bought her a cheap little bracelet and necklace to play with.
Under supervision, of course!

The old

Another small book

Who doesn’t love a spot book!
These books are great, travel size and have a lot of words for her to learn on the long flight.


These stickers have been floating around our home for ages. I got them as a gift years and years ago, and now they will keep Luna entertained.
Just hoping she doesn’t try to stick them on seats! haha

Hair Bows

Along the same lines as the necklace and bracelet. Hair bows so that she can entertain herself, and me, without the need to run up and down the aisle.

A plush toy

Luna got this unicorn for her birthday last year. Since then it has gone in and out of fashion with her.
It’s due for some love again.

The controversial

This is where I am sure you are interested in what is in the bag!

Essential Oil Roller

This roller is incredibly diluted lavender. (If you want to check a dilution guide, you can see it here)
The idea behind adding this is so that she can feel more at ease and calm, while also having some fun using it.

The intense dilution works for not just safety, but it will also ensure that no scents will disturb other passengers (super important!)


Yes, yes. I know. Screen time and a toddler. I can hear all the mums gasping from here!

Luna is allowed to use my iPod (well, it may as well be hers now!). It is loaded with nothing but toddler-friendly educational apps that have been checked over by Jack or myself.

Her screen time is very limited, however if it is going to make her feel comfortable (she’s scared of planes) and entertained on a plane – then it is the perfect addition to her toddler travel kit!

toddler travel kit travelling with kids

Other items that will be added (not shown)

A few other bits and pieces will be added to the toddler travel kit. Simple things!

  • Her security blanket
    I wouldn’t dare leave home without it!
  • A dummy
    We normally try not to let her have it unless its bedtime, but it will hopefully help with the pressure on her little ears.
  • Healthy snacks
    Such as fruit and homemade banana muffins
  • Water
    Hydration is super important!
  • Her little Lego Family
    She has 3 little lego people who she calls “Mummy”, “Daddy” and “Noona” (Luna). They clearly have to come on our holiday!

The bag that holds it all

I got her a little sling bag, that is easy for her to open and close, and will probably entertain her for a little bit as well!

You pull the straps and it tightens the top of the bag. And then it can be worn as a light-weight backpack.

toddler travel kit travelling with kids

toddler travel kit travelling with kids

How much did it all cost?

Because I reused a lot of older things that Luna has seemingly forgotten, the total cost for her 14-piece travelling kit was under $15!

What are your toddler travel kit ideas?

I would love to know what ideas you have for your toddler travel kit!

Leave a comment below!

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